The Sims 2 – PC

The Sims 2 - PC

If you were pondering, The Sims 2 is a excellent sequel and a excellent video game in its personal proper, and it is recommendable to just about everyone. For some, in particular the devoted fans that have loved the initial game’s open-finished gameplay, which was all about controlling the lives of autonomous minimal laptop or computer folks, this is all that seriously desires to be said.

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64 Opinions

  1. mossi123uk

    April 6, 2015 at 16:24

    Why are folks moaning about dl speed i was getting 2-4mb non stop…

  2. vezao

    April 28, 2015 at 17:05

    amzing speed…

  3. vishal

    May perhaps 19, 2015 at 17:30

    seeds plz!!!!!!

  4. amallica

    May perhaps 20, 2015 at 16:34

    I just started downloading and im getting 8kb/s lol

  5. burntable

    May perhaps 21, 2015 at 20:forty seven

    I created an account below, just to say thank you!

  6. heds

    July 26, 2015 at 03:04

    speed of 10mb

  7. chung

    August 26, 2015 at 19:10

    Person this operates excellent, thanks for this and the dlc, also fixes operate excellent. Thou artwork the lord of the rip.

  8. Charizarzar

    Oct 2, 2015 at 21:forty

    Great operate !!!

  9. RiverRaidII

    November 28, 2015 at 20:20

    It by no means ceases to be hilarious to see how folks don’t educate on their own about how bit-torrent, file formats, codecs and the likes operate. Or the process they’re making use of.

  10. 2kOOL

    January 13, 2016 at 20:04

    WILL THIS Recreation Operate ON Windows 8 PLS SAY I AM ABOUT TO Obtain THIS Recreation !

  11. Leon

    March 17, 2016 at 19:34

    thanks a whole lot!
    hope the video game operates.

  12. Visible

    April 27, 2016 at 17:09

    Many thanks!
    Will work excellent for me.

  13. khalid

    May perhaps 12, 2016 at 18:28

    hahaha i lovit > thank you

  14. melajehevu

    July 12, 2016 at 19:02

    Many thanks for the upload.

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